Diasporaresource.net is an online information portal, that list federal, provincial, NGO, and charity organization programs in Canada. Some of theses status include but are not limited to persons seeking Canadian citizenship, emmigrants, immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, international students, or persons relocating for work purposes.

Natural citizens, permanent residents, and/or persons visiting the provinces and territories of Canada may also benefit from the information and resources listed in the various categories here on Diasporaresources.net.

Diasporaresource.net also syndicates Canadian immigration and refugee news from various online sources which are updated regularly which helps visitors find out about the latest announcements on the Canadian immigration and refugee process, immigrant acceptance programs from the various provinces and territories, or cultural and employment events and activities.

Listings found on Diasporaresource.net are imputed manually and are kept as accurate as possible in order to assist in minimizing the difficulty and frustration that can often occur when a family or individual is attempting to immigrate to a new country sometimes under extremely stressful conditions. Should you have questions or if you would like to submit comments please do not hesitate to contact us.